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My experience and feelings of learning Chinese at IMCPI - Gina



I’m Gina, from the Spain. I have lived in Shanghai for over 5 years andbeen studying Chinese at IMCPI since last March. I really want to continue my lessons with IMCPI. The main reason is that I'm satisfied with content quality and teachers, and the school provides good customer service, and tries to meet learners needs. I'd like to share some of my experiences and feelings with this article.


The most difficult part during my study of Chinese was Chinese phonics and tones. My teacher corrects me if I'm wrong but she does it very delicately so I'm never shy to speak out and I'm not afraid to make mistakes because mistakes is a part or learning. The teachers here always try their best to help to master Chinese~


Some teachers had a prepared PPT with extra material related to the topic. Which means they cared about a class in advance. Some teachers would remember my mistakes and would emphasize it during the whole class. And all these small talks are very natural and helps me to adopt to Chinese rhythm and pick extra words. Due to my high concentration on conversational Chinese I really enjoy small talks we have with my teacher. It is a mini role play: we invite each other somewhere or talking about plans or share experience in Chinese. And that’s a very useful way for me.


To be honest, I review the words or sentence which I learned during the class, it's a good habit. Because the best way to learn properly is to review right after class to catch up every extra information teacher gives. Maybe once a week I can go through vocabulary and texts. I think the best way to learn properly is to review right after class to catch up every extra information teacher gives.


My current teacher is very good. But before when I received my free lesson ( I'm really thankful for them) some teachers wanted to talk in English far from the content.


I would advise some teachers less English speaking and forth a student to understand Chinese. Only when a student is really struggling to get something. Otherwise everything is great.


So far, it's difficult to use Chinese in daily life. Difficult to speak out, but easier to understand. That's the most difficult part for me now. It's easy to lose motivation because the results don't show up fast like with other languages. But it needs our patience. Once I overlooked all the vocabulary before going to do class and that helped me to understand their service and a master was really useful topic.


Actually, I gave up many times before coming to IMCPI! I think a foreign student could give up Chinese if does not see a progress in learning, which could happen for two reasons : not reviewing and using in daily life, like no free time or need or because of not motivated and not enthusiastic teacher.


If I have enough Chinese proficiency and ability, I will consider to work in China. Because my goal is to live in China for long term. And that's the main reason WHY I learn Chinese.


These are my experience and feelings of learning Chinese at IMCPI.









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